Hurt never comes so easy…

By Eronie Kamukama

“….how do you feel now?”¬† He whispered in her cold ears. Mariana looked at him in between her half closed eyes, taking a breathy sigh, she said, “not so bad.” However, i can still see his rage-dressed face, the bulging veins on his sweaty arms…the image refuses to disappear,” she said with a voice so faint as if she wanted to cry.

Nathaniel did not know what to do with her. He had never seen her in such a worrisome state. He thought maybe a bit of what she needs to hear would help her get over the nightmare now turned, daymare.

“I am certain that you can get through this and i am gonna be here waiting for you to getback¬† on your two feet,” Nathaniel said but pondering on how Mariana had got herself into such a situation.

He almost made a joke but he remembered his earlier attempts did not even flex the muscles on her tiny face. “I am sorry, wish i could smile,” she said.

His eyes lingered over her shaggy hair, to her running nose, her red soaked eyes and peeling lips. He then held her hand. “Do not Nate,” she said in a torn voice. Her once stainless skin had turned red, on one side of her arm was a scratch not so deep but it sort of spoke to him. He wanted to hear the entire story as he could not stop his racing thoughts.

“How did you get here, Mariana?” he cut his wonder short.

The question raced Mariana’s mind back to 2012, the day she first met Pidson.On a Thursday afternoon, under the blazing sun, she saw him across the football pitch. She went about her routine drills, pretending not to see what was behind her.

But he was quick to interrupt. “Hi, you training alone under this hot sun?” Pidson said. “Why not? A woman has got to look good no matter the weather and a bit of sun doesn’t harm,” Mariana responded.

“Huh, sporty woman, basketball is a game for strong men, you must be up to something,” he said. By now, she’d studied him.

He was a fine man, different from her usual type. He did not look like the kind of guy that would give her any sass, she had said to herself. She seemed way ahead of him in terms of social status. She was outgoing, full of life while he was a bit reserved, too dull for her liking but before she knew it, unwary of the stranger in him, she exchanged numbers with him.

“That’s how i got here Nate,” Mariana said in between sobs.

… be continued….