By Eronie Kamukama

Are there times when you cannot sit straight because you feel some sort of discomfort?

Correct sitting posture

Correct sitting posture

According to Daniel Kabali, a fitness instructor and national coach of Uganda Athletics Federation, this is because you have a weak lower back.

He says such people’s lower abdomen is stronger than the lower back. This means one tends to use his lower abdomen inflicting pain on the lower back due to imbalance in the two muscles.

Kabali also says some people cannot stand well because of lack of proper exercise.

Some people do not do any vigorous activities because they drive to office, use the lift and sit on office chairs all day. The body weakens yet this can be avoided if one spares at least one hour to exercise

Daniel Kabali, fitness instructor

He says it is important to have good posture to prevent the pain and discomfort that results from bad body posture.

Kabali recommends exercises that can help one to strengthen his/her back, thigh, knees, shoulder and leg muscles which support the whole body.




Woman does back raises

Woman does back raises

Lie on your stomach with your face down and your toes touching the floor.

Put your hands directly below your shoulders with your palms flat and your elbows squeezed in towards your body.


Raise your head and chest so your forehead is three to six inches off the floor.

Keep your face down and your feet on the floor. Your hand will remain on the floor. Stay in this position.

Once you feel strong in the second step, work your upper back at the same time.

Clasp your hands at your finger tips and place your hands on the back of your head.

Lift your head and chest while keeping your elbows behind your head. Stay in this position until you feel strong.



Woman does side bends with dumbbell

Woman does side bends with dumbbell

Stand up straight with your feet apart. Hold a dumbbell in your left hand with your palm facing in.

With your back straight, bend to the left side as much as you can. Make sure you bend only at the waist.

Return to the first position. Repeat as many times and the change to the right side.




woman does back extension exercise

woman does back extension exercise

Lie down and put your legs apart.

Place your arms at the sides of your body,with palms facing down. Ensure your head and neck are in a straight position.

Lift the upper body off the ground. Slowly lower your upper body to complete one round.Repeat as many times as possible. There should be no movement from your hips to your toes.



Stand upright and put your back against the wall.

Place your feet 12 inches in front of your body and ensure your toes are pointing forward. You can work with or without dumbbells.

woman does back extension exercise

woman does back extension exercise

Lean against the wall and slowly lower your body until your knees are at an angle of 90 degrees.

Stay in this position and keep looking straight ahead.

Raise your body to go back to standing position.

Repeat as many times as you can.




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