Physical exercises are important

By Eronie Kamukama

They make you feel good about yourself although they can sometimes be one of those things you hate to do.

Physical exercises are very important yet they come at a cost. This is because one has to dedicate their resources like time and money sometimes to stay physically fit.

Different people have various reasons as to why they exercise. For some people, the goal is to lose body fat, release fatigue or stress or to simply stay healthy.

Man exercising his body by running at the stadium

According to Daniel Kabali, a fitness trainer at University Community Fellowship Gym, daily exercise reduces the risks of developing health conditions like obesity.

According to Mayo Clinic, exercise changes your entire life from improving your mood to improving your sex life.

  • It controls weight
  • It boosts energy
  • It fights health conditions and diseases
  • It promotes sleep

As much as most people would want to exercise, it is very crucial to manage one’s diet and watch eating habits that might interfere with the goal one intends to achieve through exercises.

The amount and types of food consumed when on an exercise routine varies from person to person depending on the intended goals

According to National Health Service Choices, a person with healthy weight without intentions of losing any body fat needs to eat more in order to maintain their weight.

In this case a balanced diet is paramount and should include carbohydrate rich foods like potatoes, fats from seeds and protein rich foods like repair and build muscles.

Do not ever forget to start your exercise session when you are well dehydrated by drinking water regularly during the day.

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