Maurice Kirya: Uganda’s sweet voice

By Eronie Kamukama

Maurice Kirya is a Ugandan award winning musician, guitarist,songwriter and actor who has been singing for more than 10 years.

Born 30 years ago on 4 November, Kirya started singing at the age of 15 and he has proven that he is Uganda’s King of Soul music.

Maurice Kirya opening at The MTN Jazz Safari 2009

He describes himself as a “down to earth, humble man with a crazy side.” He is good looking and disagrees with the claim that good looks have something to do with the music talent.

He has a very unique talent which allows him to showcase a genre of music he loves to call “Mwooyo” or Soul music. Mwooyo music is a mix of Soul, Afro and RnB music with an African sound.

Maurice sings with a rare sweet voice that easily draws in his fans emotionally. He sings in English, Luganda, Lugwere, Swahili and Runyoro. Besides singing, he is a songwriter, a quality that makes him different from other musicians.

Kirya’s hard work has paid off and during one of his milestone events, he said,

“Today, a new chapter is opened; a new era. Today, these words are more than words. Today will mean a lot tomorrow. Today’s presence is vital for the magnitude of tomorrow. Today we make a mark that can never be wiped away. Today will live forever,”


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