Internet use via mobile phones rises in Africa

By Eronie Kamukama

Mobile phone in use

Mobile phone in use

A survey on mobile phone usage in five African countries has revealed a sharp rise of Internet access using phones.

The Mobile African 2015 study indicates that Internet browsing through phones now stands at 40 percent across these African countries.

The study done by GeoPoll and World Wide Worx surveyed 3,500 mobile phone users in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Uganda.

The Internet browsing using phones has risen according to these statistics.

    • 51% in Ghana
    • 47% in Nigeria
    • 40% in South Africa
    • 34% in Kenya
    • 29 % in Uganda


However, South Africa leads with 34 % in app downloads from app stores. This is likely to imply that most South Africans have embraced the utilization of smart phones.

In other countries, findings show more downloads of phone applications.

  • 31% in Ghana
  • 28% in Nigeria
  • 19% in Kenya
  • 18% in Uganda

app download


According to the Managing Director of World Wide Worx, Arthur Goldstruck, South Africa’s mobile broadband infrastructure is more robust. He also says,

Internet use is far greater in some of these countries in terms of number of people but substantially lower in terms of intensity of use Arthur Goldstruck, Managing Director World Wide Worx

Among the five countries, Facebook is the commonest mobile phone activity.


Like in many other countries in the developed world, phone users in the five African countries are using their phones for different activities supported by their phone types.

Commonest mobile activity per country

Mobile phone activity by country


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