How digital revolution has improved Journalism and Communication

By Eronie Kamukama

According to Techopedia, digital revolution is the advancement of technology from analog electronic and mechanical devices to the digital technology available today. digital-revolution

This era started with the use of the internet, a worldwide collection of computers that enables exchange of information.

Digital revolution has made  journalism and communication easier to practice.

Social media platforms

Social media platforms

It has enabled journalists to get a wider range of information. This is because journalists do not have to wait to go to newsrooms to get tips on what is happening where.

They are now able to get tips on platforms like Watsup or Facebook by just signing into with their accounts to stay posted on ongoing events in different communities since people keep telling each other what is going on.

In relation to the above, digital revolution allows journalists and communicators to search for information on whatever topic they want.

The Internet is a good example that allows you to navigate and search for information for example on China, New Zealand.

In addition to information, journalists are able to get information on what is happening in several places like USA, Saudi Arabia because of the ability to share information using platforms like You-tube, a video, text and audio sharing platform. yuotube

It has enabled journalists to be creative in the way they tell their stories using advanced technology like the current cameras that help to take better photos, make better videos.

There are diverse ways of telling or packaging their stories that is they can use photos, audio, video and text to tell stories. This enables journalists and communicators to provide information in whatever form audiences want it for example you can use a platform like to tell a multimedia story by putting text, audio, video, share it and get feedback on the story.

It has also improved journalism in a way that one does not have to be in a news room to air a program or do things the way the traditional way of being in a studio. Today, one can use their advanced equipment and with the help of internet to do live streaming and be able to share that information with the rest of the world using a platform like

Digital revolution has advanced journalism and communication to not just computer based reporting but to also mobile based reporting. One is now able to use a mobile phone to report stories that are happening even without the help of a video camera, a photo camera. One can use a phone to take a photo, type text, record sound and do a video and share it with the world.

This saves money, time especially enabling journalism for those journalists who cannot afford to buy expensive equipment.

It has also improved journalism by allowing journalists avoid plagiarism in the event that they might want to copy and paste information from each other. This is because of the wide range of information available.

Someone using skype

Someone using skype

Also, this is because today, they are able to reach out to experts on different topics even without having to meet them in person. For example, one can carry out an interview through Skype, a video conferencing platform that allows you to talk to people. A journalist today can interview a professor in Harvard University by using Skype.

In conclusion, digital revolution is a good concept for journalism and communication because it has made work easier.

It allows people to multitask and create a lot of content that is of quality, using the available software, the social media platforms, the advanced equipment to create well sourced, well investigated and well analyzed stories.

It has made journalism and communication to disseminate content faster, easier and creatively.


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