How to tone lower back fat

By Eronie Kamukama

Lower back fat

Lower back fat


Do you sometimes question why some people have muscles bulging out of their blouses or shirts? This is mainly around the lower back.

According to a nutritionist who prefers anonymity, it is a result of accumulation of excess fat.


“Our bodies tend to deposit excess fat around the lower back sides. People who take in excess calories without exercising are likely to develop these muscles,” he says.

According to Dr. James Kimbowa, it is a result of poor feeding especially on junk foods. He adds that some cases involve people who have inherited such genes from their parents or relatives.

He advises these people to concentrate on eating vegetables and vitamin rich foods like fruits.

He asserts that this can be rectified through exercises because once one works out, they sweat and the fat is converted into energy that is then used by the body.

When to start the exercises

Alfred Okwar, a Personal Fitness Trainer says for one to start exercising their body, they should have a well planned program. He cautions them to warm up before anything else.

A man takes on running

A man takes on running

“You need to warm up first by running because it helps to increase your muscle temperature. You should then stretch to make the muscles free,” he says.


He advises on having a purpose for exercising and says it is important to consult a doctor to find out whether one is in good health. He notes that people should let their fitness instructors to handle all the exercises basing on what he/she thinks is best for them.

He also gives advice on diet.

“A good diet is of great importance as one exercises. You can eat something light one hour before exercising. Do not skip meals because the body needs food for energy and to repair body tissues,”Alfred Okwar

Exercises for toning lower back fat

Abdominal and lower back stretch

  1. Lie on your front body, press your upper body on your fore arms, with your elbows below your shoulders
  2. Allow your lower back not to sag and move inwards as you lift your shoulders up and down.
  3. Make sure the front of your hips remain on the floor.
  4. Hold it for 30 seconds and repeat.

Lying hamstring stretch

Lying Hamstring Stretch

Lying Hamstring Stretch


  1. Lie on your back with both legs bent and your feet pressed on the floor
  2. Lift one leg into air and support it with a towel placed under the heel of your foot.
  3. Pull the leg towards yourself keeping your knee bent and head relaxed on the floor
  4. Hold it for 30 or more seconds and repeat on the other side.



Standing dumb bell side bend

Standing dumbbell side Bend

Standing dumbbell side Bend

  1. Stand upright with your feet, shoulders apart with knee slightly bent and hold a dumb bell at your side. Your palm should be facing inwards.
  2. Bend at the waist to one side allowing the dumb bell to pull the torso down.
  3. Be sure that all your hips are stable as you bend
  4. Slowly move back upright and then drop back to the opposite side.

Hanging leg raises

Hanging leg raises

Hanging leg raises

  1. Do this hanging up from the chin-up bar with your hands moderately wide and using an overhead arms grip
  2. Standing with your legs almost straight and feet lifted off the floor, raise your knees upwards until thighs are parallel with the floor and knees bent
  3. Pose briefly and slowly lower back to the starting position
  4. Do not swing your legs, this exercise contacts lower abdomen?? Do as many as you can


Twisting leg raisestwisting

  1. Start with same position as with hanging leg raises
  2. Pull your knees upwards, twisting your legs as you do to isolate your oblique muscles
  3. Lift until your thighs are parallel to your knees
  4. Bent to one side, pose briefly and slowly lower the back to start position
  5. Avoid any swinging. Repeat to opposite side as many times as you can

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